Just Playing

graphics card

One of the things I like to do is take stuff apart (of course). Sometimes with the intention of fixing it, others just to see how it works.

I can even put them back together and they normally work too – which is nice.

When I’m not dismantling things to see how they tick, I do have another interest that continues to fascinate me which hopefully one day will help fund a lot more of the taking things apart. Which is playing the lottery. Which if/when I win the jackpot one day will eradicate forever those big swearing moments when the taking apart things results in a shiny new techno-brick.

My personal favourite games are the big UK ones – meaning EuroMillions and UK Lotto. Although technically EuroMillions is multi-country (half of Europe plays – hence the big jackpots!).

Recently however I’ve switched my thinking on playing these. I used to just buy the odd ticket, now however, I play in a EuroMillions lottery syndicate. Simply because it means my chances of winning are soooo much better than just buying odd tickets.

The more observant of you will be shouting – yeah, but you have to share the winnings fool… to which I say (and so do LotterySyndicateReviews.co.uk) – who cares! So far I’ve got to keep all of ‘pretty much nothing’ by buying tickets alone. Now I get a vastly better chance of sharing a big win. All of which makes a lot of sense to me.

If you want to give it a try too, read more about the EuroMillions syndicates here and here. You can play other lottery games in a syndicate type group too, but it was the big jackpots that swayed my decision. If I’m going to share, I still want to win big.

Do you guys play the lottery too? Apparently most of the planet has played or plays regularly, so I’m clearly not alone it seems!