They’re Football Crazy

soccernutsThere’s even a song about it “they’re football crazy, they’re football mad”…

And it’s true. Real, dedicated football fans are so crazy mad dedicated to the game that they live and breathe it. They follow their team all over the country, or even follow their national team all over the world.

Now I love a good game. And the World Cup, well, that’s great entertainment.

But I draw the line at spending every last coin to my name on travelling to matches to get a terrible view of the action.

Because that’s the problem with watching most live sports, you can’t really see what’s going on. Oh sure, they sometimes put up replays on a giant video screen, but I can enjoy really watching a game far more from an armchair on my own big screen with unrestricted views.

Of course the atmosphere is different being at the game, there’s a real buzz in the air, not to mention the singing/chanting. But for a casual fan of the game like me, I’d rather set my own atmosphere¬† – be it a quiet game at home or a lively game with friends in a bar.

Guess I’m just not football crazy then.