Lot Of Nonsense About

more nonsenseThere is a lot of stuff and nonsense about online – we all know that.

But one of the areas I see it most is because I’m a lottery fan. If you’ve spent any time at all browsing for hints and tips on playing the lottery… man, I’m sure you’ve seen some total garbage.

The thing that gets me most of all is how gullible people seem to want to be. Sometimes they want to believe so badly that they are willing to swallow whatever junk is thrown at them.

Just look at some of these lottery systems – I mean honestly, you don’t even need to read between the lines to know they are making it up as they go along, and are more interested in banking your money than helping you out.

Even some of the more respectable charlatans resort to such tricks as borrowing winners photos from newspapers and the lottery website, and then plastering them all over the sales page for their ‘wonder prediction software’. No, of course those winners didn’t use the software, but hey, we didn’t claim they did either… we just let you draw that conclusion by including the images…

But then there’s the basic premise itself. Predicting the lottery. Seriously?

I mean, there are seriously intelligent engineers, mathematicians and scientists with access to significant resources and incredibly powerful supercomputers who aren’t using them to predict the lottery. I wonder why that could be..!

Could it be because Dave who paid someone $50 to write some code that picks ‘hot numbers’ doesn’t really know better than Prof. Freakin Genius and his Cray XC30.

Could it really be that Dave is only interested in how many $50 he can collect from mug punters who “just believe”.

Now there are a few, OK, maybe a couple of characters online who will tell you the truth. One of which gives his lottery tips away for free. You won’t be anywhere near as ‘impressed’ or excited but you’ll get told the truth instead.

Then there are the ‘experts’ who don’t just plain lie but instead choose to use distorted truths to sell their products. Along the lines of, here’s a list of people who have won using our system… list of 10 excited “I won $10 in the very first week” type people… therefore it works. But where are the real figures – did only 10 people buy it? How many people didn’t it work for? Because there’s the real truth, the one they aren’t telling you. The fact that the other 99.99% of their customers are still waiting for it ‘to work’!

Don’t believe the hype folks. There are some sensible measures you can take, and there are some useful bits of software and whatnot for lottery players. But don’t assume just because it’s being sold online that somebody somewhere has legally approved anything – because anybody can sell any old junk online these days and get away with it. They just need enough gullible people to buy it that’s all.